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  • doctor operating for law firm website

    New website for Florida law firm

    We've recently redesigned the law firm website for Lichtblau & Goldenberg, based in West Palm Beach, Florida. With the new website comes a renewed approach to their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Law firms have always been in a very competitive environment when it comes to showing up in a Google search. That's because there are national law firms working in the same space as the sm...

  • Top web design company award

    S+S picked as a top web design company from 10buds.com

    If you're looking for a top web design company for your Cannabusiness, look to the top 20 web designers selected by 10buds. 10buds is an international website dedicated to the Cannabusiness industry. Sevell + Sevell is one of 20 web design companies to have been selected from across the United States and Canada to be featured in 10buds.com listing of cannabis-friendly, award-winning web design fir...

  • chronometer_measuring_10_SEO_tips

    10 SEO tips to boost your website's traffic

    The 10 SEO tips in this blog must be addressed as a fundamental component of any SEO effort. As you know, digital marketing has become the foundation of businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large companies. Every company must refine its SEO techniques to stay one step ahead of its rivals. Even if you have unique content, poorly executed SEO strategies might cause your website to drop in Goog...