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  • Abstraction showing things having something in common

    What the most successful advertising companies have in common

    This is a guest post by Alicia Rother, a freelance content strategist and writer based in Tanjay, Central Visayas, Philippines. Successful advertising is one way to reach out to prospects and customers to keep them informed and gather quality leads. In order to get all the benefits from advertising, companies work with reputable and reliable advertising firms. This means your company has to inves...

  • award-winning logo close up

    An award for our client's logo design

    An award-winning logo for AR Mellinger When we started working with the AR Mellinger company, we created what we hoped was an award-winning logo. Well, that logo did recently win an award at the Columbus BIA Marketing Awards. We created a logo that represents their products by incorporating the numbers seen in an elevator as people ascend or descend. The number “3” is representative of the lette...

  • Spokespeople for on-page SEO tutorial

    A Brief Overview of On-page SEO

    Note: This on-page SEO video tutorial is shown using Drupal's Content Management System (CMS). While the elements are the same for WordPress' CMS, we opted to use Drupal's CMS for this tutorial because it's easier to show the process. The same on-page SEO steps apply to WordPress, it's just not as linear as Drupal's CMS. Watch the on-page SEO video tutorial on YouTube here, or by clicking the scr...