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  • auto traffic entering a laptop computer

    How to use your website to generate traffic

    A website's purpose is to generate traffic and. ideally, turn prospects into clients. When prospects find you, instead of you having to find them, your sales efforts become so much easier. Which in turn, gives you more time to spend with your friends, family, pursuing hobbies, or just binging Netflix shows. There's a lot of "moving parts" that make your website show up well in Google, and it does...

  • claw machine picking a Columbus web designer

    Choosing the right Columbus web designer for your company

    If you're a marketing director or business owner, you appreciate the importance of having a professional website that separates you from your competition. But with so many web designers out there, how do you choose the right one? It can be overwhelming, but we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when selecting a Columbus web designer to ensure they fit your business. Does their website talk...

  • man on laptop on cliff overlooking ocean

    All content creation is new business development

    Anytime you're involved with content creation, you're doing new business development. No matter where or when it happens, content creation that's original and educational, is part of an SEO strategy to help you drive prospects to your website. That's because the more you update your website, the more Google re-indexes it, keeping it relevant in their search results. And the better you show up in...