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  • abstract series of blocks with 7 numbers on them

    7 Winning Tips for Running an Website Audit on Your Site

    If you’re about to redesign your website you should consider a full website audit first. A website audit lets you examine each page’s performance and discover whether it’s achieving your goals – and if it’s not, you can see how to improve it.   Running an audit may seem like a large amount of work, but the benefits are immeasurable. By looking at performance, SEO, technical make-up and conversion...

  • Scarlett Johanssen's album cover found by voice search

    The infamous (and obscure) voice search for Scarlett Johanssen's first album

    In August of 2017, a guy named Tylor Hermanson posted a video on YouTube showing how he did a voice search for an album by Scarlett Johanssen without ever using the words "Scarlett Johanssen" or the name of the album. You might not have seen it, because since as of August 2018, it only had about 200 views. However, in the SEO world, it made the rounds because folks like us, interested in voice se...

  • speed timer showing 45 seconds on the clock

    How much time should someone spend on your website?

    The question isn't much time SHOULD someone spend on your website, but how much time DO they spend? And the answer is, a lot less than you think. Research shows the average time spent on a website is about 45 seconds. Is that enough time for you to share what you offer your prospects? Probably not. Qualifying the 45-second statistic. Time spent on a website depends on a lot of different things:...