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  • man holding picture frame showing duplicate image

    How Plagiarism Checkers Help Improve Your Content

    Plagiarism checkers are helpful tools that help make sure your content is original and unique, not a duplicate of someone else's writing. More importantly, in our world, when we have guest bloggers writing for us, we want to make sure their content is original. So we run their writing through Grammelry free plagiarism checker. Not only does using one of these Content Checker services protect you...

  • close up of the face of a giraffe

    Giraffes and artificial intelligence

    No, giraffes don't have artificial intelligence (at least not yet). But recently we were going through photos on our iPhone wanting to show someone pics of a trip to The Wilds, a wildlife sanctuary in Ohio. Specifically we wanted to share a picture of the giraffe feeding session we helped with (see screenshot). However, we didn’t have those photos organized in a folder. So in the photo app, we se...

  • woman from plastic surgeon website

    Cool New Plastic Surgeon Website and addressing the new GA4

    We just completed an awesome new website for Dr. Dana Goldberg, one of the top female Board Certified cosmetic surgery practices in the country. You can see her plastic surgeon website here.  As a matter of fact, we've had such a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with Dr. Dana, this is our 3rd complete website redesign for her practice in over 20 years. She runs a nationally-recog...