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    How to create high-quality content for your e-commerce website

    If you have an of e-commerce website, it's imperative to rise above their competition and find new ways to drive traffic to their stores. More visitors mean more sales and success in the online retail industry. For this purpose, top-notch content can help store owners become a trusted resource for a large number of customers. Great quality content can improve your online store’s ranking and provi...

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    Sevell + Sevell selected a top SEO firm in Columbus for 2023

    A rating website called SocialAppsHQ has selected Sevell + Sevell as a top SEO company in Columbus for 2023. SocialAppsHQ is a platform that consolidates a companies marketing needs, including email marketing, social media and SEO. They select companies for their Top SEO Company list from social media research, and whether companies have social media posts offering SEO recommendations. Of course,...

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    Make your website play well with Google

    It’s Google's world, we’re just living in it, right? So if you're wondering how to make your website play well with Google, read on. If you’re in sales, marketing, or a business owner, you already know you need to invest time and/or money in getting your website to show up well in Google's search results. And that means understanding what keywords your prospects use to find you. Of course, word-...