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    How to tell if your passwords have been stolen

    Last week we received two ransom emails telling us the sender had one of our passwords. And if we didn't want them to use it, to send them $1,900. Within 24 hours. Fortunately, we were able to respond with a 2-word phrase that we won't repeat here. We had the luxury of responding that way, because the sender had a really old password of ours, before we were smart enough to use "strong" passwords....

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    Why SEO Will Always Outrank PPC

    SEO vs. PPC SEO vs. PPC is a decision that should be familiar to any marketing professional with experience working on growing businesses with limited budgets. Ideally, you’d use them both, but that isn’t always viable. Sometimes you have to pick one — and that one has to be SEO. Yes, that’s right: if you have to drop one of these two marketing options from your toolset for the time being, it mu...

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    How well is your website is really showing up in search results?

    To make your website show up better on search engines you have to know where your website currently stands in the search results. To do that you need to know what your keywords are. For this blog, we'll use our own website to demonstrate this, and our main keywords are "Columbus website design." (Learn more about keywords here.) You can see how we show up in Google search results for that search t...