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  • ADA-complaint website button

    Why it's important to have an ADA-compliant website

    In 2022, having an ADA-compliant website is more important than ever. It shows your sensitivity to those differently-abled individuals, and of course, it's just the right thing to do. This website is an ADA-compliant website, and you can tell from the blue circle with the icon of a person in it in the lower left corner. If you click that icon, you'll see how having an ADA-compliant site works: a...

  • home builder website illustration

    What Every Home Builder Website Should Cover

    Creating a home builder website isn't rocket science. However, a few details must be carefully thought through if you want to stand out from the crowd. Obviously, a website is an integral part of any home builder's business today because most potential clients will start with looking at a website before they decide to hire. So it's essential that your website works for your prospects. There is no...

  • Abstract image showing intergation

    Organize and Integrate your website

    Best tools to integrate into your website When you integrate tools in your website, it can make both your, and your client's, lives just a little easier. While there are too many options to integrate into your website to list here, we'll address just a few. Payment Gateway Integration Whether you sell your products or services through your website, or just want your clients to be able to pay wi...