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  • bunch of scallions with happy faces from Columbus SEO firm Sevell

    A happy SEO success story

    Midwest Fresh is a Columbus-based produce distributor, and we were able to get their website on page 1 of search engines, resulting in them securing 5 new clients in the first 5 months of our SEO efforts. Getting a company's website to show up on page 1 is only relevant if their website shows up for the keywords their clients and prospects are using to search for their services. One of the most i...

  • man asleep at laptop by Columbus website design firm Sevell

    How often should I post on LinkedIn to help my SEO?

    In order to position ourselves as experts in the Columbus website design industry, we write blogs, or articles, about issues relating to website design and SEO. Writing blogs helps us understand topics we find of interest, and hope our audience does, in more detail. Because writing always involves research, it’s the best way for us to learn about topics and add to our own understanding and knowle...

  • butler with silver tray and abstract technology on a silver tray by Columbus Oh website design form Sevell

    The importance of using the right hosting service

    From haircuts to houses to hotels, you get what you pay for. While it may not be hard to decipher the difference between those items, it's much harder to see the differences between web hosting services. (One might think the same is true with plastic surgery, but you'd be surprised to see how many searches there are on Google for "free plastic surgery"! See how many searches there are every month...