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  • abstract product with shadow showing dollar sign

    Remember: What you make is not what you sell

    When it comes to marketing your product or service, remember: what you make is different than what you sell. As with all good marketing, you're not selling yourself, or even your product or service, but you're selling how things benefits your audience, or how it makes them feel. That's because people make decisions emotionally first, then justify their decision with logic. If that weren't the cas...

  • illustration showing limitations of facebook ad targeting

    Special Ad Category limitations of Facebook ad targeting

    Over the years, we've learned a thing or two about Facebook ad targeting. However, as with all specialties, there's so much to know, and so much changes over time.  Our working knowledge comes from working with Ted Bigham from KowAbundant. They specialize in deep dive SEO, keyword research, digital advertising and data tracking. What we've learned about Facebook ad targeting. Turns out there are...

  • Abstraction showing things having something in common

    What the most successful advertising companies have in common

    This is a guest post by Alicia Rother, a freelance content strategist and writer based in Tanjay, Central Visayas, Philippines. Successful advertising is one way to reach out to prospects and customers to keep them informed and gather quality leads. In order to get all the benefits from advertising, companies work with reputable and reliable advertising firms. This means your company has to inves...