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In the past, we've talked about the different types of companies that can design your website, but the two basic ones, are IT firms and web design firms. (We're leaving out your neighbor's nephew for now.)

Since there are options to who can design your company's website, the questions becomes: which is the better choice to design your website?

IT firms and web design firms

Naturally, any IT company can design your website, but the question is: just because someone can do something, should they?

What's the difference? The simple answer is: IT companies aren't marketers. Of course, many web designers aren't marketers either, but that's another part of the story. 

If you think your website is one of your company's main marketing tools, we think it makes sense that having someone who is marketing-focused design and build a website that can add to the bottom line of your company.

Two simple tests to find s good web designer...

To tell if an IT firm or web design firm is marketing-focused, just take a look at their website:

  • If their site is about how awesome they are, and not about what they do to help your business, they're not marketing-focused. Because IT firms are focused on technology, not marketing.
  • If they say they do SEO, don't take their word for it.
    Everyone says they do SEO, but to see if they're any good, Google the phrase they use to be found on search engines. You can find their keywords on the Page Title of their website.(The full article show you how to do that in case you don't know.) If they don;t show up high in Google, assume they're not the SEO experts say they are.

Yep, we've tried that. Didn't work...

Most of the time, the reason something didn't work isn't because the marketing channel didn't work, but more likely because the execution wasn't so good.

One prospect of ours said they tried social media and isn't for them. When we asked about it in more detail, turns out they've done it randomly. But lets say you're a business-to-business company. Would social media work for you?

It could if you join a professional LinkedIn group made up of your audience and actively post articles that educate your audience. And we have examples of this type of misunderstanding media for email, direct mail and advertising.

If your website isn't how you get business....

...then you probably just have a bad website, because we know from personal experience, a good website gets you new business.

Just last week we were contacted by an organization we didn't know, and who didn't know us, until they found us on Google. Now, we're one of the finalists for their new website.

In closing...

You can see there's quite a bit to think about when it comes to picking a company to do your website. What we've found is, most folks don't know the right questions to ask, so they end up with a designer who might not be the right match. See this list of the 7 questions to ask any web design (or IT) firm.

If you do your research, you'll find the right Columbus web design firm to help you with your company's website.