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To marketers who might not be as knowledgeable about SEO as they should be, landing pages are something you should be aware of. As a Columbus Oh website design frm, we want to help you understand what makes a good website, and what might turn a prospect into a client.

What are "landing pages"?

Well, technically, ANY page on your website is a landing page, because someone could land on it and find the content of interest. Or at least someone who took the time to find your website, SHOULD find the content of interest. If not, you've just lost an easy opportunity to make someone understand you're good at what you do... and possibly reach out to you through your website.

But in the SEO-world, "landing pages" are pages created with a two goals in mind: to educate your audience about a topic of interest to them, and get them to contact you about the product or service you're talking about.

Our website's blogs are considered landing pages.

A well-written blog talks about a focused topic. Or at least it should. And if the reader finds what you have to say of value, they'll reach out to you.

However, blogs while we consider our blogs to be landing pages, in the SEO-world, they aren't considered the perfect example. What is?

  • Pages your Google AdWords link to,
  • Pages  your e-newsletter teasers link to, or
  • Pages that a specific-SEO keyword links to.

screen shot from Columbus Oh website design firms enewsletterPages your e-newsletter link to.

Here is a section from our Columbus Oh website design e-newsletter.  You can see the entire e-newsletter here.

And, you can see the page on our website the e-newsletter "teaser" (How we got $15,000 in projects from one e-newsletter) takes the reader to here.

On that page on our website, we expanded on the fact we were offering low-cost website templates. It was something not many of our clients knew about, since we'd mostly done more expensive custom website design work.

And within a month or so, we'd been contacted by clients about our low-cost template websites, and we received in almost $15,000 in projects for those types of websites.

To see other types of e-newsletters we do, you can go to the e-newsletter section of our website here.

SEO-specific landing pages

SSK Plastic Surgery has been a client of ours for many years. They're based in the Newport Beach/Orange County, California area.

As you would imagine, that is one of the toughest areas of the country to be selling breast augmentations, Mommy Makeovers, and Brazilian Butt Lifts!

Of course, SEO is critical for any business, and no business or website is too small to benefit from SEO.

As an example of what a keyword-specific landing page is, you can see one here for non-surgical solutions to anti-aging. (Or see screen shot below.)

Why is this a good landing page?

Because it's centered around a keyword phrase that people search for: "non-surgical solutions to anti-aging."  This is an example of a page that focuses on a single topic of interest to their audience.

You'll see the keywords are used in the main headline, and a version of it in the subhead. While you can't see the rest of the page, there are other instances of the keyword phrase "non-surgical solutions to anti-aging" in the body copy as well.

The reason to have keyword-focused landing pages is also because, when done well, it's possible this landing page will rank well in Google. And if you can get someone who is interested in non-surgical solutions to anti-aging to land on your page that talks about it, there's a good chance you can turn someone from a prospect, to a client.

ssk plastic surgery landing page for non-surgical solutions to anti-aging