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If you're looking for a top web design company for your Cannabusiness, look to the top 20 web designers selected by 10buds. 10buds is an international website dedicated to the Cannabusiness industry. Sevell + Sevell is one of 20 web design companies to have been selected from across the United States and Canada to be featured in listing of cannabis-friendly, award-winning web design firms.

See an example of our work for a Cannabusinesses here.

cannabusiness homepage from top web design company

You can see a case study for a Cannabusiness called Global Cannceuticals here.

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Why pick a Cannabusiness top web design company?

First, not all web design companies are cannabis-friendly. Second, not all web design firms are experienced with building both SEO- (Search Engine Optimized) and mobile-friendly websites.

SEO is critical to getting your Cannabusiness on your audience's radar. Without a well-designed SEO plan, the chances of your prospects finding you online are low. And because your competitors are most likely spending their marketing dollars on SEO, if you don't plan for it, your competitors will show up ahead of you in Google's search results. A business is never too small to focus on SEO.

A little about blogging and SEO

Having your Cannabusiness website show up well on Google is all about your customers finding you, instead of you finding them. Of course, everyone wants their website to rank well in Google, however, not everyone can afford to invest the time (or money) it takes to make that happen.

So what's involved? Lots of things, but blogging on your website, and posting on social media, are the big ones that can be done by your team. And they're two of the most productive SEO efforts. Social media is a pay-to-play game these days, so just posting – and not running ads – won't get you very far. So you need a social media advertising plan for it to work for you.

However, just like there's a right way and wrong way to harvest buds, there's a right way and wrong way to write blogs.

Writing blogs showcases your knowledge base and allows you to highlight new products and processes. The right way is to research the keywords your audience uses to find your business (or have an SEO company do that research), and incorporate those keywords into the content of your blog. Just as importantly, is to incorporate those keywords into the back end of your blog. What's involved with that? Click the image below to watch our video to see all the pieces and parts of behind-the-scenes SEO for blogs.

screen shot from a video about SEO from a top web design companyIf your team doesn't have the time, inclination, or writing skills to blog regularly, a qualified website design company can do it for you.

Read about what determines how successful your blogging efforts (for SEO) will be here.

Google ranks your website based on your mobile site, not the desktop version

Even if a lot of your audience is looking at the desktop version of your website, Google is looking at the mobile version to determine how well it should rank. And if the homepage of your mobile website is the same as the desktop version, your website isn't playing well with Google.

See if your website is mobile-friendly here.

Other SEO tips

Read about other SEO tips on these two recent blogs we wrote about that subject:

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