two different chess pieces reflecting a custom website vs a template website

There are two basic kinds of websites you can have: a custom-designed website, or one based on a template. We do both because not every can afford, or even needs, a custom-designed website.

Yes, custom-designed websites make your company look more evolved, but if you're looking for a Columbus website design firm that can help design your website and keep costs down, we can help.

We've done many websites using SquareSpace templates, which you can see here, in our collection of template-based websites.

Ask a Columbus website design firm if they can customize templates.

Because not everyone can. But why is that important?

Website designers who only build websites in SquareSpace, do it because they don't know how to code. And not understanding coding limits their knowledge when it comes to trouble-shooting, or doing any minor customization to your website. While templates allow non-technical people design websites, it limits their ability to modify them. And inevitably, you'll want to do something with your website the person who only uses templates can't do.

However, since we DO know how to code (because we build custom websites) we're able to customize your template-based website, even if we are using a template. Less-experienced web designers don't understand how to do that.

One example is a website we designed for Metta Psychology. They wanted a background color on their website, but all templates only offer white backgrounds. So we added the watercolor effect they wanted on both the homepage, and inside pages, as you can see from the screen shot below of an inside page.

Metta Psychology custom-designed website by Columbus website design firm Sevell

How much is a template-based vs. custom-designed website?

It depends on how many sections and pages you want on your website. However, we've done SquareSpace template-based websites for between $1,500 and $5,000. Which is a lot less than the $10,000 plus it costs for custom-designed websites.

See examples of some of our template-based websites by clicking on the homepage images below, or by going to our template website gallery here.

Metta Psychology homepage by Columbus website design firm Sevell

The Orthopedic Foundation website by Columbus website design firm Sevell

Dr Dana Goldberg microsite designed by Columbus website design firm Sevell