graphic showing a sense of urgency

A sense of urgency can help your prospects move more quickly. In the new Hulu show "Only Murders in the Building,"  Martin Short is trying to raise $32,000 for the podcast he's creating with Steve Martin and Selenia Gomez. He asks Nathan Lane's character to invest $32,000 and gets turned down. When Nathan Lane comes back to express interest, the price has gone up to $35,000. Martin Short explains the price went up because he waited a day. Obviously, Nathan's character should have acted sooner.

We've all looked into flights and see a message that says "Only 2 seats left.” That's to add a sense of urgency because marketers know the longer someone waits to make a purchase, the less likely it is they’ll do it.

We all know about FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out) and it can apply to your marketing as well. When we suspect we might miss out on something we want, we're much more likely to buy it right away. That's why making someone think they might miss out on something is a great way to make them call (or buy).

Side note: We thought the 2nd sentence in the screenshot below was kinda funny, mostly because we're fans of the Apple TV series Dickinson with Hailee Steinfeld.

FOMO explanation relating to sense of unrgency

5 steps to imply a sense of urgency.

Step 1: make sure your prospects can find you.

First, you have to get people to your website when they're looking for what you're offering. Let's say you're a home builder and have model homes ready to move into. Having those sitting empty is costing a lot of money. This is where researching and incorporating keywords into a landing page on your website is critical. Sure, showing up well in a Google search for the keyword "Columbus home builder" is great, but in this instance, showing up for "move in ready homes in Columbus," would be better. That way folks get right to the page on your site with your move-in ready homes. Fischer Homes shows up well in Google for a search for "move-in ready homes in Columbus" which takes visitors directly to that page in their website.

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Step 2: make it a limited time offer.

Say you're a plastic surgeon offering breast augmentations. Making your offer good for a set period of time, and letting people know how mich they can save  will give a sense of urgency to someone who might be on the fence about buying.


Back to the move-in ready home, if you only have a one-of-a-kind model, folks will know that's the only version left so they'd better move quickly if they want it. (Not the case with breast lifts though.)

Step 4: make it more enticing with the copy

The headline and copy are critical to get folks into your offer. Read this article about writing tips for motivating people. Remember, your copy shouldn't be about you, but what's in it for your audience.


You might consider including something as part of the package if they buy before a certain time. Less expensive products might offer free shipping, or for larger products offer a percentage off. If you have that home you need to move, throwing in a new 150cc scooter if they buy before a certain date might be a good incentive. It'd be less than a percentage off a new home!