photo of website's homepage: three women on Catamaran by website design Columbus Ohio company S+S

We've been doing quite a few plastic sugeon websites these days, and this is one of our very best, for plastic surgeon Dr. Dana Goldberg, in Florida.

To see the live website check our Dr. Dana Goldeberg's site here.

The things we're doing for this, and really, all websites, are:

  • The images: they aren't the traditional beauty shots you see on every other plastic surgeon's site. This is higher end photography, and they're super-sized to fill the monitor to make an impact.
  • The perspective: this is from the perspective that people who invest in plastic surgery would rather spend $200 for a concert ticket than $20 for a CD. Experiences are more important than things.
  • The parallax effect: which are images and text on the the homepage moving at different speeds.
  • It's responsive: half the searches done are done on smart phones and tablets. Responsive sites also make for better search engine optimization (SEO).
  • The SEO: we've done the keyword research and this site is optimized to rank high on Google with the proper Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and on-page SEO.

We don't think many Columbus web design firms are doing this kind of work for cosmetic surgeons around the U.S., and we'll share more with you as they go live, the next one coming online is out of Los Angeles.

So if you think your website is your main selling tool, consider the experiences of website design in Columbus Ohio when you consult with a web designer. If they haven't created websites you think are awesome, they probably won't be able to create an awesome site for your company.

There's a lot that goes into websites which reflect the quality of your company. Just like with your service, your customer gets what they pay for. And for those who try to take the cheap way out for their most important marketing tool, how do you think their customers will perceive the value of what they're offering?