women with puppy from plastic surgeon website

We've recently completed a series of three plastic surgeon websites for Dr. Mirwat Sami, a plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas.

These websites were built in SquareSpace, not the usual  Wordpress content management system we use. The reason for that was because these are micro sites for Dr.Sami, not her main website, one of her goals was to keep the development costs down. With that in mind, we used a template-based web building tool instead of a truly custom website.

See the micro sites in their entirety by clicking the images below.

screen shot of the first of three plastic surgeon websites

screenshot of second of three plastic surgeon websites

screenshot of third of three plastic surgeon websites

SEO for each of the three plastic surgeon websites

Because these are micro sites, and not Dr. Sami's main website, we recommended unique domain names for each of the three micro sites. Using Google's Keyword Tool, we researched keywords that were relevant for each of the three plastic surgeon websites. We needed to know which keywords their prospects were using to find eaxh of the three services. (Dr. Sami's main website's domain name is https://www.houstonoculofacial.com.)

  • For the Injectables website, we found the phrase "best botox houston" was searched more than most of variations on "botox" and "Houston." So the domain name for that website is https://www.bestbotoxhouston.com.
  • For the laser skin resurfacing micro site, we found the phrase "laser skin resurfacing houston" was one of the more searched for phrases. So  logically, https://www.laserskinresurfacinghouston.com is the domain name for that website.
  • For the blepharoplasty site (which is eyelid surgery), https://www.blepharoplastyhouston.com, is the domain name. That was a bit surprising, because one wouldn't think the word "blepharoplasty" is a better known word than "eyelid surgery." But evidently, for people looking for that type of surgery, that seemed to be the case. It's not that "eyelid surgery" wasn't searched, it's just that "blepharoplasty" was a popular search term, and just as importantly, had less competition.

When you're looking for website design companies to work with, you should make sure you work with one that knows something about search engine optimization (SEO). Because while many web designers might be able to create nice websites, if SEO isn't part of the equation, your website might not show up well in a Google search.

As you might imagine, SEO is a combination art and science. There are scores of elements that make up good SEO. If you want to know more about that, connect with us today and let's start the conversation.