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We designed the Ohio Adult Care Facilities website for their association's members, as well as for those looking for facilities for their family members.

What the Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association does

  • Educate state legislators and advocate for Ohio Adult Care Facilities.
  • Help those looking for an adult care facility to find one that best fits their family member's needs
  • Organize an annual conference for their members to learn from the experience of experts in the industry, and
  • Assist those undertaking the process of opening and operating a facility, helping them navigate issues, and the regulations needed, to operate a residential Class 2 or 3 facility.

Our SEO efforts led OACFA to us

Thanks to our SEO efforts, we landed on OACFA's radar. We were chosen, not only because of our work with non-profit organizations, but also because of our expertise with e-commerce and complex backend systems.

Though it turned out we were more expensive than other Columbus web design companies they spoke with (from what OACFA told us), they selected us because of the expertise we brought to the table. They were willing to spend considerably more to have us work on their site because they saw we had more experience than the other Columbus web design companies they interviewed.

What went into their new website

While we think we designed a fairly awesome website, we also had the knowledge to develop two other critical aspects of their website:

  • A facility locator, which is a database-driven map that enables families to filter their search using 12 unique dropdown menus (see the screenshot below), and

Ohio Adult Care Facilities housing locator system

  • A Member section that allows new members to join and pay membership fees online. This section also allows existing members to login and modify the details of their facility's listing.

screenshot of OACFA member dashboard

What went into the Member section

The Member section was a unique challenge, requiring a custom-built solution. Because of those requirements, we constructed a detailed infrastructure so new members could pay for a membership, and current members could renew theirs.

FOR New members

Facilities that wanted to join OACFA weren't allowed to automatically sign-up, list their facility, and be listed on the OACFA website. Each facility was first required to fill out a survey and either pay with a credit card, snail male a check, or through an ACH withdrawal.

Then, for new members to be listed on the website, the OACFA staff had to review and authorize each new facility, approve the new member's application, and process their payment. Since this was a whole new process for the OACFA staff, we created a series of video tutorials that walked them through the steps to authorize a new facility's membership.

screenshot of OACFA video tutorial

Once a new facility has been approved, that facility automatically receives an email with instructions for logging in, walking them through the next steps to update the details of their facility.

for existing members (And new members who have been approved)

OACFA also needed a "Membership Dashboard" so everything was organized, optimized, and accessible for members to communicate with OACFA, and one another, through the website.

As part of the Members section, we created a sequence so each member would receive an email a month before their renewal is due.

But Facilities need to be re-approved each year

As part of that annual approval process, a facility just couldn't have their membership auto renew. That's because OACFA has to assure each facility was adhering to their rules for the previous year. They didn't want facilities that weren't up to OACFA's standards to continue to be listed on their website.

So instead of allowing members to just renew their membership, or have it auto renew, we were asked to set up a sequence so each facility had to go through the survey process again. That way, OACFA was able to get the most up-to-date information as well as confirm their members were up-to-date on their licenses and requirements.

When you need something both beautiful, and complex, consider us.

We bring a lot of expertise to the table, so if your website is the backbone of your organization, give us a call, or email us here.