two women enjoying themselves at a Parker Lee fundraising event

We've just completed a website for The Parker Lee Foundation, which is a fund raising organization that combines fun events, and raising awareness and money for other non-profit organizations around Columbus. Their signature event is called the PBR10K. But it's not a race. Per se. Although it could be considered a "race" to have hundreds of people drink thousands of Pabst Blue Ribbon beers in a period of 6 hours one afternoon in February.

The event welcomes their community of supporters to enjoy 10,000 PBRs. The funds raised benefit PLF's friends at Directions for Youth and Families.

Why do we love this group? Because when an organization describes their events using words like "mayhem ensued," "shenanigans," and "chaos," you know it has to be something special. Actually, we met Kim Niswander, the brains behind the organization, through a good friend of ours. That good friend of ours, just happens to be Kim's brother, Bruce. And we and Bruce, a true brainiac, go back... 30+ years either working together or enjoying happy hours and dinners together.

Look for Train Wreck Endings!

They even used the words "Train Wreck Endings" in one of their testimonials about the event. We were shocked when we read those first words about the event, until we realized the "Train Wreck Endings" was the name of the band that played the fund raising event (as seen in the photo, below), from their performance last year.

the band The Trainwreck Endings on stage at the PBR10K fund raising event

Websites for non-profit organizations

We've done websites for other non-profit organizations over the years, and we enjoy it because we love seeing people dedicating their lives to make other people's  lives better. It's surely inspirational, and we do what we can to give these non-profit organizations a bit of a break on their projects. They get "The Kinfolk Deal," which make us feel a little better helping them, as they're helping others.