still photo of woman in office by SEO agency and Columbus website design firm Sevell

Here's a quick, inexpensive way to create a patient, client, or customer testimonial for your website. While there's no doubt that a professionally-created video is the ideal way to go, there might be a time when you only have someone for a limited time. And if you only have a short, or one-time, window to get a testimonial, you can make a video with your iPhone.

How to create your iPhone video

This video walks you through how to create a video, with opening and closing text, using only your iPhone.

In the interest of full disclosure, we did dub the voiceover for the instructional part of the video, but not that of our "patient" doing her testimonial. We felt using her testimonial with the iPhone microphone, shows you how it truly sounds using only the iPhone. In this case, we were using an iPhone 6.

Also, when our friend Tia is giving her "testimonial," you'll see she was winging it. We hope you find the humor slightly amusing.

We trust this instructional video helps you with your testimonials when you're looking for a quick, and inexpensive, way to get something up on your website.

How a Columbus website design company can help with your marketing

Having patient - or customer - testimonials is only part of promoting your company. Placing those testimonials on a good website is another part. And that's where we can help.

Of course, you know your website is one of your best marketing tools. You understand it represents your company's personality, as well as the level of expertise and knowledge of your industry. And of course, it’s everyone's first impression of your company. Because everyone is also looking at your competitors’ websites, too, yours has to stand out and be memorable. It has to educate and inform, more than just sell.

Look at a website design firm's website

Are they using a template that looks like so many other websites? Or are they developing a custom design that shows your organization is unique? If the designer’s site looks like it’s based on a template, with mediocre stock images, it's safe to assume that's what you’ll be getting for your site.

Know what to ask a Columbus website design firm or SEO agency. So before you hire a web designer, look over this list of questions to ask them.

This gives you some insight into what we'd recommend you ask, as well as giving you a point of comparison.

Good luck in your search!