photo of scooter and motorcycle side by side to reflect website cost

That seems like a simple question, but let us ask you: How much does a car cost? Or a home?

"How much does a website cost?" seems like a simple question, but definitely doesn't have a simple answer. Unless the simple answer is: "It depends."

Not only is what a website looks like relevant to the equation, but also what's "under the hood" (so to say). What's "under the hood" could be the number of pages, or sections. It could be an interactive map of the United States, or an interactive community map, like we did for Romanelli & Hughes' website (below). Or 15 interactive community maps... that can also be updated as lots are sold and model, and buyer's, homes are built.

plat map of neighborhood lots

There could be multiple databases that reflect different areas of your services or products. There could be an e-commerce section. Or multiple photo galleries.

There could be writing for your website.

Having a professional writer create the entire content of a website could be a huge chunk of change. Yes, you can write the content for your own site, but writing for the web is very different than writing for print. Why? Because when writing for the web, you're writing for two audiences: real people who'll read your content, and search engines. The content on your website showcases the knowledge base of your organization, and Google's algorithms are scanning every page so it can determine how it ranks in searches.

A key element of writing your website includes researching keywords. We research the keywords that need to be included throughout the copy. In addition to being in the headlines, subheads and body copy, there's Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Naming images and Alt Text fields that need to be considered and written. To learn a little more about each of those areas, click the links below.

A custom website will cost more than a template website.

This simple question can be the difference between a $5,000 website and a $15,000 website. Or a $25,000 website.

Should you decide to go with a template-based website, it's true you'll save quite a bit of money in the process. But consider what you might be giving up, which are things like;

  • Some SEO capabilities,
  • The ability to make your website truly unique to your organization, and
  • The possibility of wanting to do something with your site down the road that a template just can't do.

No one can say if it's worth the trade off, except you. (Well, of course, we can say it's probably not worth it, but we understand there's a budget for everything as well.)

You can read more about the limitations of template-based websites here.

When someone asks you how much your services cost, what do you say?

We suspect your product or service can have a wide-range of costs as well.

If you're a home builder, the range of the homes can easily go up 50%. For a car dealer, a car can be $25,000, $50,000 or $75,000.

So as you can see, there's just too many factors to easily say: "A website costs X number of dollars."

So how much does a website cost?

As you know now, it depends.

comparing a scooter to a motorcycle to reflect differences in website costs