backyard landscaping in Greenscapes website design by Columbus website design firm Sevell

We've been Greenscapes' Columbus Oh web design firm for their last two websites. Their newest website (below), like their previous website, incorporated Search Engine Optimization. And for the past 6 or 7 years, their website has shown up in page 1 of Google for their main search terms.

Not that their industry has changed drastically in the area of SEO. Even though the architectural design elements have changed, their audience still searches for their services using essentially the same keywords over the past 10 years.

Three main reasons that determine how successful your website will be with it's SEO, are:

  • How seriously you take your blogging responsibilities. This includes how often you post new blogs, and how well you're using keywords in your blogs.
  • If your competitors' websites incorporate SEO. Greenscapes' industry doesn't do a very good job with SEO, which makes our job easier.

  • The market you’re in. The smaller the market, the easier it is to rank for your keywords. Being found in Columbus is easier than being found in Ohio, which is easier than being found regionally or nationally.

The SEO factors that are under your control.

If you're using keywords in the headlines, subheads and body copy of the blogs you write, you'll be way ahead. By using the right keywords in the right places on your blogs, Google's algorithms start to associate those keywords with your website.

Also, adding the right keywords to your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions of each blog post is critical. If you're not sure how Google uses your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions, watching the first 40 seconds of this video will tell you how they do it.

It's also important to name the images used in your blogs with keywords. By using the right keywords in the names of your images, you help search engines' algorithms associate the images you use, with your website and your keywords.

Then there's the Alternative Text fields. These are to help sight-impaired individuals navigate your website. You might not have sight-impaired visitors coming to your website, but adding descriptions (with keywords) to your Alternative Text fields, helps your site meet the internet's standards. (Yes, there are standards!) And that helps you get better rankings.

Greenscapes' new homepage.

See Greenscapes' website here, or click their image below.

Greenscapes homepage by columbus website design firm Sevell.

Keyword search for Greenscapes.

Below is a screenshot showing some of the keyword research we did for their SEO.

In a city the size of Columbus, there are 90 searches a month for "landscape architecture" and another 90 for "landscape architect." Add in another 260 monthly searches for the word "landscaping," and you have well over 400 searches a month for their services. And each of those three search terms have "Low" competition.

As a Columbus Oh web design firm who offers SEO services, this is as close as you get to the perfect mix: lots of searches and not a lot of competition. We incorporated those three search terms in their website, and they're using those search terms in their blog posts.

landscape architecture keyword searches from Columbus website design firm Sevell

How can you tell the SEO we did for their website is working?

Because they show up on page one for a Google search using the keywords their prospects use to search for what they do. See the notes in red on the search engine results page for one of their main search terms: "landscape architect."

  • The first two results (above the map) are organizations running Google AdWords for their websites. You can tell because there's the "Ad" icon next to the green domain name. From what we've read, only 2% of the population clicks on ads. (Do you?)
  • The results below the map (which are the "organic" search results) have them listed in the top 5 and the FIRST actual landscaping company in Columbus.

landscape architect search results by Columbus Oh website design firm Sevell

We provide the keywords for their blogging

With each website, we provide a report of the optimum keywords our clients should be using for their respective blogs. Below is an example of that report for Greenscapes, with the best keywords for them highlighted in blue.

So if your website design firm isn't helping your  website appear on page one for your industry's search terms, find one who can show you documented successes for their clients.

List of SEO terms researched by Columbus website design firm Sevell