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Getting backlinks to your website isn't quick or easy, but it is important. We'll talk about the best ways to get backlinks, as well as what not to do.

The right way to get backlinks to your website

The more quality backlinks you have going to your website the better ranking you'll have in Google's search results.

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Be a source...

...for your prospects

Write content your prospects want to read because it helps with their understanding of what you do and how it benefits them. Of course, what you do has to be relevant for a targeted audience. In our case, that audience is marketing directors. When we blog about websites and SEO and how it helps with their responsibilities, we hope they want to read what we're sharing.

...for other bloggers

Other bloggers find us, and we frequently get request from them asking to write for our website. That results in expanding the knowledge we share, and just as importantly, results in an exchange of links between our website and another.

...for the media

This is a bit more involved, because not only does your content have to be outstanding, but you have to establish relationships with the selective media. Building relationships with the media is more of a public relations function, and one we haven't truly mastered ourselves yet. But if you're, say, a home builder, your media outlets could be more delineated, so targeting them might be easier.

Promote the content you publish

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If you think creating content is time consuming, just wait till you go through the process of promoting it. Promoting the content you post is time-consuming.

Since you're probably not a Fortune 1000 (or 5000) company you'll need to be proactive promoting your stuff.

Work with an SEO firm to get 50 backlinks

We've worked with a company called Kow Abundant to get us backlinks to a series of high quality, high authority websites. See a report of backlinks from local pages, directories and data aggregators for us.  

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These are a few of the easier ways to get backlinks  to your website. There are others which require the assistance even more assistance from a web design firm with SEO experience.

If you'd like to have help with getting backlinks to your website, we can help. Just reach out and ask.