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We just completed an awesome new website for Dr. Dana Goldberg, one of the top female Board Certified cosmetic surgery practices in the country. You can see her plastic surgeon website here.  As a matter of fact, we've had such a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with Dr. Dana, this is our 3rd complete website redesign for her practice in over 20 years.

She runs a nationally-recognized, award-winning, all-women practice in Jupiter, Florida.

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For her new plastic surgeon website we'd incorporated video on the homepage. However, since video always takes a moment to load, before it starts to play, we have an image of their lobby pop-up first.

Why there's no video on the mobile version of Dr. Dana's plastic surgeon website

On the mobile version of the website, we made sure the video didn't play. Why is that? Because many folks viewing the website on their mobile device might not have the quick internet connection they have at home. They might be in their car, a coffee shop, an airport or friend's home, where they're using cell service to connect to the internet.

Click the image below to visit Dr. Dana Goldberg's website.

plastic surgeon website homepage

Transitioning from Universal Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

One big hurdle that had to be addressed was updating their website from Universal Analytics, to the new GA4, which is the next generation of analytics. In 2022, Google is transitioning away from Universal Analytics. Websites that don't transition will find two things:

  1. The previous iteration of analytics (Universal Analytics) on their website will stop working, and
  2. The Google Ads they're running will "sunset' and no longer work.

What does sunsetting of Google Ads mean for you? It means the Google Ads you're currently running will need to be updated. Ads that were previously running with no issues will need to be retooled.

Why is that? Because artificial intelligence (also called "machine learning") is now analyzing ads – and your website – which is significantly more sensitive to images and text. That was the scenario we encountered with Dr. Dana's new website.

How sensitive is Google's new artificial intelligence analytics?

Very. It can raise issues with images and wording on websites. As an example, on Dr. Dana's website it flagged two areas:

  1. Images: The image on the Labiaplasy page was deemed too sexual, so we changed it from a sexy image of woman's legs to a photo of Dr. Dana. (Note: the image wasn't a close up of a woman's private parts, but it was suggestive.)
  2. Text: This really surprised us. We set up the contact form, so after it was submitted, a screen came up with the words "Thanks for contacting us." Evidently, the word "Thanks" threw up a red flag, so we changed it to "Thank you for contacting us." which seemed to help.

How this new AI might misinterpret images.

The fact that Google can interpret an image on your website and flag it show how far their analytics have come. However, it can – understandably – also misinterpret things. For example, a parent used his phone to take a photo of his toddler's infected private area for medical consultation. Google then flagged it as child sexual abuse, submitted a report to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Google closed the parents' accounts.

An invasion of privacy? Maybe, but we'd all better get used to it. Apple has been scanning all U.S. phones for images of potential sexual abuse of children. We understand the need for this, since sexual abuse of children and human trafficking are way more prevalent than you'd think. With that in mind, we're all for Google and Apple taking such an active role trying to expose and report this atrocity. We're more than willing to accept this technological invasion into our privacy to help uncover these issues.  

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