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We were fortunate enough to have a Columbus t-shirt company called Donkey Tees find us on a Google search. That's because we focus on SEO in the hopes prospects can find us, instead of us finding them. And when that connection is made, it makes our sales effort so much easier.

Even when we ask people how they found us, they'll tell us a Google search, but what we really would like to know is the phrase they Google'd. Understandably, they usually don't remember. In this instance, we assume it was something along the lines of "direct mail designers in Columbus" or some version of that phrase.

So we're hoping the two takeaways from this blog are:

  1. Having good SEO really helps you get new projects, and
  2. We do kick ass direct mail.

Donkey Tees liked our humor, which was critical for their postcards.

They wanted us to design a series of 5 postcards with 3 requirements (jump to the postcards we designed here):

  1. To showcase the offers for their audience,
  2. Have the images appeal to their core audience of 20 - 40 year old men, and
  3. Be funny, because that's what Donkey Tee's brand is all about...

...as you can see from  one of our favorite tshirts on their website:

They said we were free to come up with any ideas based on their offers, and two of the postcards should have a photo of a donkey.

Here's how they used the postcards.

Donkey Tees was selling their products through Amazon. Turns out Amazon won't give retailers the email addresses of those purchasing products through Amazon. So every retailer who sells through Amazon doesn't have a way to add the buyer to their email list for holiday promotions or sales.

So technically these weren't direct mail postcards. In an effort to get their customers emails, Donkey Tees placed one of the 5 postcards in the box with the t-shirt they shipped. To get a free t-shirt, their customers were required to fill out a 4 question survey, one of which was "What is your email address?" We thought that was a clever way to get their customers email addresses.

We were up against another design firm.

The Donkey Tees folks had us, another design firm, do a series of 5 postcards each. Then they did a test, sending all ten postcards out equally in their shipments during the month of November. The goal was to track the results of each of the 10 postcards to see which one got the best response.

Which were the top two postcards? Turns out they were two of the postcards we designed. One was the "Oh, keep your shirt on" postcard, and the other top response-getter was the Unicorn Donkey (the last postcard below). Each of those postcards got a 15% response. The others we did, as well as all of the postcards designed by the other design firm, only received a 2% - 5% response.

Using these two postcards with the best response, they're sending them in their shipments so they can continue to get emails from their customers who purchased through Amazon.

We're sure you want a design company who has a proven track records of getting results. When you;re ready to have that happen, please contact us here.

woman taking off tshirt in Donkey Tees postcardwoman under mistletoe and santa hatdonkey pulling cartcouple taking selfie wearing a Donkey TeeDonkey dressed as unicorn