OFFA homepage designed by Columbus website design firm Sevell

Today, we're talking about PRism Awards for non-profit websites. We designed a website for the Old Fashioned Franchise Association (OFFA), which is the national association of independent franchise owners of Wendy's restaurants.

And recently, the website was entered into the PRism Awards from the Central Ohio chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and won the top award for a website for an Association.

We have the lovely Kitty Munger, Director of the OFFA Association in Dublin, Ohio, to thank. And we do, for both hiring us to design the website, and for entering it into the PRSA awards. You can click the image of the homepage below to get to the live site.

Our first PRism Award.

Even though the website was entered  by the Old Fashioned Franchise Association (OFFA), it was designed by us, making it our first PRism award. And while we do work for other non-profits, this was the most recent non-profit website we've done.

So our thanks go out to Kitty Munger, for her trust and confidence in us to design this website. We've been members of the "Kitty Munger Fan Club ever since we met her. Of course, being the ones who STARTED the Kitty Munger Fan Club, we're also Charter members. (We probably should open up this little fan club to other folks who know Kitty.)

The stolen PRism Award.

On another note, there's a bit of a not-so-funny story about the actual award for the OFFA website.

We would have included an image of the actual PRism Award in this blog post, except it was stolen. To clarify, the award itself wasn't stolen, per se. The car it was in was stolen.  The person who was at the awards who collected the award, and was to give it to Kitty at OFFA, had the award in her car. So really, not so funny. At least not to the owner of the car.

A copy of the PRism Award was promised to be re-made so it could be displayed at the OFFA offices, but that hasn't happened. At least not yet. Seems as if bugging someone whose car was stolen about an award that was in it (that wasn't even hers), seems to be a bit too bothersome.

But should the time come that ever happens, perhaps we will add it to this blog post. Until then...

PRism award winner, OFFA Voice website, designed by Columbus Ohio website design firm Sevell.jpg