man writing blog on laptop for Columbus website design firm

Whenever we work on a website, we tell our clients the importance of blogging on a regular basis. Because we stress how important it is, we can sometimes see the worry in their faces about the responsibility of blogging.

Especially after we give them a cheat sheet we've created. Being a Columbus website design firm, we show them all the elements that need to be considered when writing blogs. Elements like:

illustration showing sharing knowledge by Columbus Oh website design firm SevellWriting your blog is just sharing your knowledge with people.

You obviously know a lot about your business. You know what your customers' hot buttons are. You know how what you do helps them. You know how the little things you do make their lives easier. And there's dozens of things you do every day (or week) that can become a subject for your blog.

When you read other people's blog posts every week, you can summarize the best of what you've learned on your own blog.

For example, little things we do regularly that have become blog posts on our website are:

What if you run out of ideas?

If you think you're going to run out of ideas for what to write about, do what we do: subscribe to blogs within your industry, that are written by people smarter than you.

Surely there's people smarter than you in your industry. That's certainly the case with us! When you see what people you admire are writing about, you'll have a constant flow of inspiration for your blogs.

Talk about projects you've done.

They're called "case studies" and they're the best way to show off the work you do. Talk about how what you did:

  • Solved a problem for someone,
  • Or how you made someone's life easier,
  • Or made them look better in the eyes of their bosses.
  • Or clients.
  • Or friends.
  • Or family.

Will you ever you'll look forward to blogging?

Maybe not. But the fact is, you, as the owner of your business, don't have  to be the only one to write the blogs. Your sales team can share in the writing. Or someone in the "back end" of your company who might not have regular contact with customers, but who has practical knowledge that would be of interest to your prospects and customers.

You could also hire a writer with some experience in your industry to write for you. That person can sit in on your staff meetings to learn what's happening in your business. They can also subscribe to blogs in your industry to help with the subject matter.

And one day, your website might show up ahead of your competitors.

And eventually--hopefully--your website will rank better than your competitors' websites. And when that day comes, when you see the results of regular blogging, your enthusiasm for blogging will really start to take off.

When you see how all your hard work reflects in Google's search results, you'll see the connection. And when new customers find you online, instead of you finding them, THEN your enthusiasm for blogging will truly come through.

Yes, it takes time. Time to write blogs, and time for your blogging to show results. And speaking from personal experience, we know it works.

The best thing for us?

Blogging, and helping prospects find us, has cut down on the time we have to spend networking in the evenings. And that lets us spend more time with our friend and family. That is one big benefit for blogging for us.

Plus, it helps us learn new things every time we write. The process of researching and writing blogs helps make us more knowledgeable. And that's a nice benefit, too!