award-winning logo close up

An award-winning logo for AR Mellinger

When we started working with the AR Mellinger company, we created what we hoped was an award-winning logo. Well, that logo did recently win an award at the Columbus BIA Marketing Awards.

We created a logo that represents their products by incorporating the numbers seen in an elevator as people ascend or descend. The number “3” is representative of the letter “E” in the company name: AR Mellinger. For the tag line (Elevators, Lifts, Service) we used up and down arrows, also seen in elevators, to separate the words.

We felt using elements seen in elevators truly reflected what the company offers.

AR Mellinger award-winning logo final

Some of the homes they install elevators and stair chair lifts in are retrofitted to help seniors who are aging-in-place. Some are new 10,000 square foot homes, and many of the homes are works of art, and the elevators they install need to be the best available.

A new website design

We’ve been working with AR Mellinger for over a decade, and have recently completed their second website, which you can see by clicking the image below. For over 40 years, AR Mellinger has sold, installed and serviced elevators, stair lifts and wheelchair lifts in homes, offices, churches and businesses.

Screenshot of AR Mellinger homepage

Their new website, which you can also see here, was built in SquareSpace, and is a refreshed version of their previous site, but with the same enduring message about accessibility. And accessibility is for more than homes and businesses. It’s also for websites.

Having an ADA-compliant website

The website you’re on now is ADA-compliant. You can tell from the small, round, blue, icon in the lower left corner. If you click that logo, you’ll see all the variations visitors to our website can do to modify our site to benefit them. This is a simple addition to a website, which we can assist with.

Even if you don’t have sight-impaired people – or those with other constraints – visiting your website, the reasons to make your website ADA-compliant are:

  • It shows your sensitivity to the differently-abled community
  • It helps your website play well with Google. Even if you don't have sight impaired folks visiting your site, Google wants your sites to be ADA-compliant for better ranking
  • According the Worldwide Web Consortium, now that the internet is considered a utility, websites need to be accessible to everyone
  • It’s inexpensive: just $490 a year, and
  • It’s just the right thing to do

If the Columbus website design company you work with doesn’t offer the ability to make your website ADA complaint, maybe it’s time to consider a different website design company.