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Google says it is penalizing websites that post artificially intelligent generated content. The question is: can Google's algorithms actually detect content created by artificial intelligence? We've found it depends what article you read, or watch the video, below, for a review of a documented study testing whether Google can actually detect AI-generated content.

Google says AI created content is against it's guidelines. They're certainly not against artificial intelligence. Google has been using AI for it's search engine for years and has a recently updated it's AI functionality, allowing you to search using both images and text at the same time.

Plus, AI is all over, being used in the medical field to diagnose cancer and to predict the risk of wildfires. See what other industries are using AI to improve our lives here. Google is just against it when it comes to companies trying to use it to game their SEO algorithms.

It's a battle between algorithms

It's a battle between companies like Longshot and Jasper, whose algorithms generate artificially intelligent created content, and Google's algorithms that are working to detect AI generated content. Who wins in the end is anyone's guess because both technologies are being fine-tuned so quickly. 

Search Engine Journal says Google can detect artificially created content.

Longshot says Google can't detect AI-generated content, but that's because Longshot is selling a service that write AI generated content.

Artificially intelligent generated content should be a starting point

Google's mission is to promote websites that have helpful content in them (called the "Helpful Content Update."). So if you're going to use AI generated content, be sure you review it to catch errors. In it's current form, artificially intelligent generated content can make mistakes, so a careful review for misinformation, awkward phrasing, or to see if it parallels your company's point of view, needs to be done.

Read about the pros and cons of artificially generated content here.

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Always run artificially generated content through a plagiarism checker

Because it's not original content  because it pulls it's information from pre-existing content on the internet). So it's possible if you run an AI generated article in your website, you could get pinged for plagiarism because Google doesn't like duplicate content. Be sure to run the article through an online plagiarism checker like Grammerly. We've tested AI generated content and found that half the time, it gets a red flag for plagiarism. Of course, so much content is written every day, that even your original text, when fed into Grammerly, could be flagged as being plagiarized. 

The most relevant review we've found of the documented perils of artificially generated content is an interview from "The Marketing AI Show" (amazingly, there's a show dedicated to this topic) which you can see below. Of course there's hundred of videos on this topic, but this one is, by far, the least self-serving of the ones we've seen. Enjoy.