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Creating a home builder's website isn't rocket science. However, a few details should be thought through if you want to stand out from your competition.

Your homepage shouldn't be as much about you, as it is about what's in it for your buyers

It's essential your website is focused on your prospects. Your website's homepage shouldn't be as much about you, because everyone wants to know "What's in it for me?!?

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Know your prospects' pain points

One of the easiest ways to get ahead with your home builder's website is to understand your prospects’ needs and ‘pain points’ before they even visit your website. The site should address these elements:

  • Affordability. The cost of the home is one piece, but what about ongoing costs? Explain what they are, the warranties that come with a new home, and how it might benefit their out-of-pcket costs.

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  • Perceived value for the price, explain how the benefits outweigh the price they've paid and meets their expectations and needs.
  • Address the fear of being taken advantage of. Buying a home is something we don't do often in our lives, and home builders deal with it every month. Explain how you guide your prospects through the process with transparency.
  • Upgrades can add a lot to a home might make people nervous. Explain the design elements that come with their new home will cover everything they might need.
  • Maintenance: stress carefree, maintenance-free living that comes with a new home.

Know what your prospects are looking for

Below are some of the essential details people are looking for a new home:

  • Lifestyle images and videos that don't look like overused stock photos.
  • Type of services you offer: Explain how what you do might be unique.
  • Beauty shots: Use high-quality photos of past projects. This showcases your creative talents.
  • Reviews from satisfied customers: If possible, include video reviews of customers to help build trust.
  • Answers to common questions and concerns: including an FAQ page.

Below are some of the important things you should include in any home builder's website.

Plans and design options

When people are looking at a new home they'll undoubtedly be looking for designs, plans, and styles. Provide plans in an optional PDF format and suggest people download them in exchange for their email. Then add the emails to your CRM to send updates.

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Building Process

Transparency is key when building relationships with new clients. You want to instill trust, so it helps to explain the process from start to finish – and always be sure to disclose as many details and costs as possible. Have a page on the website that is dedicated to the building process.

Outline the different phases and steps taken to build the home. These could include initial consultation, the preliminary design, agreements, deposit, actual construction, the "handover," and continued support.

Gallery and Customer Reviews

The other two sections that are important to include:

  • A gallery with relevant photos of each type of building project for a visual impression that lasts.
  • A few high-quality and detailed reviews from former customers or clients.

A guide to getting good Google Reviews

A page that walks your customers through the best way to give you Google Reviews. When done correctly, and customer's use the keywords in their reviews, they can help with your SEO.
Read what a guided Google Review page on your website looks here.

SEO is a critical element of any home builder's website

Now that we know what goes into a home builder's website, you'll need to make sure your audience finds it. SEO is a complex, and ongoing effort and one that requires a web developer that knows what they're doing. How do you know if a web design company knows what they're doing? Simple. Google what the web design firm wants to be found for, like "Columbus web design company" to see if one of the Columbus web design companies you're considering show up. You can learn more about SEO from one of our SEO blogs here.

Home builder websites we've done

We've  been working in the home building industry creating home builder's websites for years, so you can benefit from our experience. You can check out the home builder section of our website here, or click the links below to see specific home builder websites we've done.

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