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  • kitchen of luxury home from website by Columbus website design firm Sevell

    New website for Romanelli & Hughes home buidlers

    According to Business First, of the luxury home builders in Columbus, Ohio, Romanelli & Hughes is top builder. So we were fortunate, and honored, when they hired us to design and build their new website. You can see the revised website at www.rh-homes.com. In addition to a beautiful design, there's a complex database behind-the-scenes. Because the system allows anyone to search by communities...

  • name tag on shirt by Columbus website design firm Sevell

    The importance of naming images for the web

    Unless you live in the SEO-world, you might not be familiar with the importance of naming images for your website. How  you name your images should be just as important as selecting the images themselves. Why is that? Because search engines' algorithms "read" the names of your images, just like they "read" the text on your site. As a side note, choosing the right images for your website is import...

  • still photo of woman in office by SEO agency and Columbus website design firm Sevell

    Make a video testimonial on your iPhone

    Here's a quick, inexpensive way to create a patient, client, or customer testimonial for your website. While there's no doubt that a professionally-created video is the ideal way to go, there might be a time when you only have someone for a limited time. And if you only have a short, or one-time, window to get a testimonial, you can make a video with your iPhone. How to create your iPhone video...