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  • abstract image of computer generating copy

    Google tries to penalize AI created content

    Google says it is penalizing websites that post artificially intelligent generated content. The question is: can Google's algorithms actually detect content created by artificial intelligence? We've found it depends what article you read, or watch the video, below, for a review of a documented study testing whether Google can actually detect AI-generated content. Google says AI created content is...

  • responsive web design graphic

    How fixed, fluid, adaptive and responsive web design layouts are different

    The fact that your website will seem different in different browsers, and on various devices, is something we all must accept. A variation in layout design is where the layout adjusts to fit the user's preference. The different types of responsive layouts: fixed, fluid, and adaptive have a different sets of advantages and disadvantages, so your web design company needs to know how use them wisely....

  • man holding picture frame showing duplicate image

    How Plagiarism Checkers Help Improve Your Content

    Plagiarism checkers are helpful tools that help make sure your content is original and unique, not a duplicate of someone else's writing. More importantly, in our world, when we have guest bloggers writing for us, we want to make sure their content is original. So we run their writing through Grammelry free plagiarism checker. Not only does using one of these Content Checker services protect you...