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  • comicbook woman at computer reading blog by Columbus Ohio website design firm

    Does your company need and e-newsletter? Well, "yes," and "no."

    If you've ever wondered whether your company should have an e-newsletter to communicate with your customers and prospects, the answer is probably “yes.” But there are times when the answer is “no.” Simply put: if you don't have the time to invest in e-newsletters, you probably shouldn't bother, because e-mail, like any marketing effort, needs to be consistent. Being a Columbus Ohio website design...

  • Homer Simpson saying D'Oh by Columbus OH website design firm Sevell

    5 common mistakes to avoid when picking keywords

    As a Columbus Ohio web design firm, we do the keyword research and on-page SEO for the websites we design and build. However, we also want our clients to share what they  think their keywords should be, because they know their industry better than we do. And even though their perspective is based on very basic knowledge of how keywords work, this helps get us off on the right foot. Once we have th...

  • two people working on two laptops by columbus oh website design firm sevell

    Think twice about writing content for your website

    What determines how successful you’ll be with your SEO? Lots of things, and you can see a list of what's  involved with SEO here. Not surprisingly, one of the big ones to consider is writing content for your website, because it's being read by two audiences your prospects and search engines. Not only does your website's content showcase the knowledge of your company, but Google's algorithms are sc...