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  • web designer working on computer

    Can a Columbus web designer help with search engine optimization (SEO)?

    The simple answer is: it depends. Not every web designer is also well-versed in SEO, which is what helps your website show up in search engines. Generally, web designers are distinctly different than SEO professionals. But if you want your web design firm to also handle your SEO, do some homework to find one who does both. (They do exist!). How can you tell if a web designer knows about SEO? Her...

  • laptop with woman stepping on keyboard

    How to create a well-designed footer for your website

    You and your website designers give careful thought to every aspect of your website, which is what makes it so unique. But when it comes to the footer of your website, most people don’t give a well-designed footer much thought. Most website visitors probably wouldn’t think twice about looking at a website footer, which might only have a logo, address and phone number. But even so, a professionall...

  • Top 9 Off-page SEO strategies text

    Top 9 Most Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies

    Off-page SEO strategies include tactics that occur outside of your website and generate backlinks and brand mentions. These include blog commenting, forum participation, and submitting your site to directories. A robust off-page SEO strategy includes intent-aligned, full-funnel content that generates digital word of mouth and earns positively linked mentions on review sites, social media, and maj...