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  • Indiana Jones and map by Columbus Oh website design firm Sevell

    SEO and SEM: the holy grail of getting found on search engines

    Every marketer knows the term SEO, but not as many know about SEM: Search Engine Marketing. Together, they're part of the trinity for getting found on search engines. The third piece? A marketing-focused website. How can you tell if a website is marketing-focused? Well, lets take a Columbus Ohio website design firm's website as an example. If a web designer's website talks about themselves more...

  • zeros and ones on screen with skull in middle Columbus oh website design

    Why you need security updates for your website

    As a Columbus Oh website design firm, we do security and module updates for every website we build to keep them as up-to-date as possible. The list in this post covers all the reasons we do security updates for websites, as well as what is included in the quarterly invoicing we charge to maintain a website. Note this is not the hosting piece of a website. That is a separate function and one that...

  • stethoscope and quote marks by Columbus website design firm Sevell

    When JAMA & NEJM take a stand on social media reviews, doctors should listen.

    Why should doctors care about social media review sites? Because like a good website, social media sites, especially the ones people look at for reviews of doctors' practices, help patients find you. And when patients find you, instead of you having to find them, it makes your practice more profitable. Being a Columbus website design firm working with plastic surgeons and other doctors, this is s...