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Northshore Headache and Spine medical website

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Northshore Headache & Spine Specialists
Project Description

If you're looking for a web design company to design a medical website, look to a web developer with experience in that industry.

What to consider for your medical website.

When your practice comes  up against other doctors with your specialty, in your area, that's not the time to work with an inexperienced web design company. Competition is tough, so work with a web developer with experience in medical websites and search engine optimization.

Your patients should be able to understand what you do, and the benefits you offer, in the first few seconds. For this website we focused on the two areas that had the most keyword and voice search: headaches and back pain.

"Living a pain-free life" is a huge benefit.

Instead of highlighting your services, highlight the benefits to your patient, such as:

  • Live a Pain-Free Life
  • Have a Better Quality Of Life 
  • Get  Long-Term Pain Relief
  • Minimal Medication Used, or
  • The Newest Treatment Techniques are Available to You

Those are benefits to highlight, but that shouldn't be confused with what people are searching for. What people are searching for are things like:

  • Headache relief
  • Relief from Migraines
  • How to get rid of back pain

Those phrases are what your prospects search for, and you want your site to come up with people key-in, or speak, those searches. So search terms (or "keywords") are the phrases we'd build into an SEO-optimized website.

The best way to use keywords.

When writing for a medical website, specifically for blogs, we give you a list of the most common questions searched. Those questions can either be searched by voice search or by keying in those questions. The goal is to use those questions on your procedure landing pages, or as your blog headlines. So when people search a question, and your blog headlines in that exact questions, the chances of showing up well in a Google search go up dramatically.

Visit the Northshore Headache and Spine website here.