Software to help assess the English skills of non-native English speakers

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Versant Assessment Test website

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Client: TDS Global Solutions
Project Description

We've all called help desks and found ourselves speaking with someone whose English is difficult to understand. It's a frustrating experience for everyone involved, and a bad reflection on the company we're calling for help.

We know we're often being directed to a call center outside the United States, which would be fine, if the person on the other end had a good command of the English language. But when they don't, we have a bad experience.

With the global expansion of call centers outside the U.S., companies are setting up centers throughout India, Asia, and Central and South America. The customer service representatives on the other end of the line are, essentially, are the face of the company for that caller. This scenario demonstrates is why having proficient English skills is critical at call centers around the world.

asian woman talking on phone after taking versant asssessment test

What the Versant assessment test does

The Versant English assessment test was developed by Pearson, the world's largest educational material publisher. The software automatically evaluates how well English speech, listening, writing and reading skills are, of non-native English speakers. Sophisticated software uses speech processing technology that was developed with advanced linguistics science.

Tests are used to evaluate the English skills of candidates applying to call centers/BPOs, corporations, academic institutions and government agencies, around the globe.

Working with TDS Global Solutions, based in Manila, the Philippines

TDS Global Solutions is a company with headquarters in the Philippines, with an office in Ohio. They have exclusive rights to sell the Versant assessment test throughout the Philippines. However, with Pearson's encouragement, they wanted to start selling the software throughout the U.S.

TDS asked us to create a website for the American market, giving us complete control over the look of the site, while the content was developed by the TDS team in Manila. Together, we think the site will attract companies throughout the U.S. needing language assessment software, as well as an expedited method to hire large numbers of people efficiently.

We're looking forward to a long, and mutually beneficial working relationship with Jon Kaplan, President and founder of TDS Global Solutions.