Humor in marketing

  • woman taking off shirt on tshirt postcard
  • Womam pointing to mistletoe for holiday tshirt postcard
  • donkey being lifted up by heavy cart for tshirt postcard
  • Couple taking selfie for tshirt postcard
  • Donkey wearing a unicorn horn
Series of postcards for Donkey Tees

Category: Print

Industry: Other

Client: Donkey Tees
Project Description

The Donkey Tees tshirt company found us when they did a Google search for direct mail designers in Columbus. Or some variation of that.

Requirements for the tshirt postcards

We're so glad they found us, because they had us come up with a series of tshirt postcards that had two main requirements:

  1. They had to depict the offers they were making to their audience,
  2. They should appeal to their core audience of 20 - 40 year old men, and
  3. They had to have humor in them, because that's the company's brand

woman in black tshirt with political slogan

So we had total freedom to develop ideas as long as we included the offers clearly and concisely, and a couple of the postcards had to have a donkey in them.

The scenario:

One of the ways Donkey Tees was selling tshirts was through Amazon. And Amazon doesn't give the retailers the email addresses of the people buying through Amazon. So Donkey Tees, and any other retailer selling that way, never had a way to connect with buyers for future promotions.

These postcards weren't direct mail postcards: they went into the box along with the tshirts that were delivered to the buyers. And by offering promotions that required the buyer to fill out a brief survey, Donkey Tees was able to collect emails. Very smart.

Why they put us up against another design firm.

The Donkey Tees folks had us do a series of 5 postcards, and another design firm design 5 postcards. Then they did a test, sending all ten postcards out equally in their shipments during the month of November. The goal was to track the results of each of the 10 postcards to see which one got the best response.

And the top two postcards were two of the ones we did: the "Oh, keep your shirt on" (the first postcard) and the Donkey as a Unicorn (the fifth postcard). These two postcards got a 15% response, while the other 3 we did, and all five of the postcards the other design firm did, only garnered 2% - 5% response.

Donkey Tees continued to use the top two postcards we did to keep getting their Amazon customers' emails.

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