Helping kids find forever homes in Georgia

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State of Georgia website for foster and adoptive kids & families

Category: Web Design

Industry: Non-Profits

Client: Georgia's State Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS)
Project Description

When we designed and built this website, it made us very aware of the unfortunate circumstances that happen to kids due to no fault of their own. And it made us feel very fortunate to have been able to provide a stable home for our kids. Either way, it makes you think about families, what holds them together, what breaks them apart, and and you appreciate your situation in life.

As a Columbus web design firm, some might think it unusual for us to be building a website for the State of Georgia. It's not that there aren't web design firms in Georgia that couldn't do this, it's just that the people we know who were responsible for this had a tremendous amount of trust in us. It takes a lot of time and attention to a working relationship to build that level of trust, and we're proud we're able to have those kinds of relationships.

This website hosts photos and bios of all the kids in the State of Georgia who are available for foster care or adoption in a forever home. We built it so the folks at the Georgia Department of Family Services can update the bios and images of the kids easily themselves.

It is surprising how many kids age-out of  foster and adoption services without ever finding that permanent home. And when they do, often at age 18, they're not prepared to be effective in the world of business. Many states are trying to make the age-out age 21 instead of 18, and that would go a long way to helping these kids get better situated.

On of the programs in Georgia to help kids do  just that, is GA/RYSE,  another website we designed and built for the state. That program helps teens 14 or older who have in foster care for at least of 6 months, prepare for the realities of adulthood. The programs GA/RYSE (the acronym for "Georgia Resilient. Youth-Centered. Stable. Empowered.") offers are:

  • Housing Support which assists with the basic household startup costs, including rental and utility deposits, and helping them purchasing furniture and other household items,
  • Health Matters, which is Medicaid coverage to the kids who age out of foster care,
  • Educational Options, which covers many of their expenses, assisting kids with transitioning from foster care by helping them get a secondary education,
  • Match Savings for those kids who would ordinarily never have access to that type of savings plan, it is similar to a 401 K plan for employees,
  • Emergency Assistance planning,  which consists of access to emergency housing, public transportation (MARTA cards or City Transit bus tokens), food assistance, medical help, state identification, and utility expenses and deposits,
  • Credit Report Assistance (which is helpful to anyone!) helps teens when they "age out" of foster care. For many teens, their transition is more complicated than most because they have no, or poor, credit, and
  • Life Training Skills, which is providing youth with monthly workshops and training. This gives them access to connections to a safe, stable employment. In turn, increasing their awareness of, knowledge of what is expected in the work world.

We're honored to play even a small role in helping Georgia's kids that come form stable, loving homes take for granted.