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Shadow Six Racing: creating the first Aquatic Utility Vehicle

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Project Description

 Shadow Six Racing is an entity created entirely by Ryan Goldberg, a Renaissance man of many talents. Based on Jupiter Florida, Ryan has created an entirely new category of aquatic vehicle called "Typhoon: the first Aquatic Utility Vehicle."

Launched in 2022, his new venture, called Shadow Six Racing is an exciting venture that has created, from scratch, a vehicle so cool, the only way to truly appreciate it is to watch the video below

video image of Shadow Six Racing vehicle

The Shadow Six Racing vehicle is in demand

Shadow Six racing has been getting noticed. Shortly after launch they've received orders from around the world despite the fact it costs as much as a small home. (Depending on what you consider the cost of a small home is.) Perhaps equating it to an über high-end luxury car might be a better comparison, like this 2022  Lamboghini Huracan.

2022 Lamborghini Huracan

When you go to their website you'll see how  unique this vehicle is. They've developed custom-built carbon composite racing hulls based on two jet skis, which have two 4 cylinder super-charged Yamaha engines. The Typhoon is designed using aerospace-grade titanium and carbon fiber (no Kryptonite!). The design of the vehicle is built to absorb the extreme speeds of up to 90 MPH without stressing the elements of the vehicle.

Shadow Six Racing is one of a group of privately-held companies. Those companies develop products that operate in the motor sports, tech and defense industries. The group of minds that developed the Typhoon have a diverse background that allows them to create an vehicle that exceeds ISO quality compliance standards.

People didn't think they needed personal computers or phones before Apple developed them either

The minds behind Shadow Six Racing are continuing to search for new opportunities to push the boundaries. Their efforts to create each component of their vehicles to make them lighter and faster is a compulsion. With the best materials, minds, and technology available, everything they create ascends to a new level of excellence.

We're just proud to be part of the evolution!