No fruit or vegetable was harmed during the making of these postcards

  • personalizing scallions by design firms Columbus Ohio, Sevell
  • making an ear of corn look like a face by marketing firm Columbus Ohio company S+S
  • bringing personality to a plum  by marketing firm Columbus Ohio company, Sevell
Produce Postcard Series

Category: Direct Mail

Industry: Restaurants

Client: Midwest Fresh Produce Distributors
Project Description

Note: no fruits or vegetables were harmed during the making of these postcards.

We understand someone has to at least HOLD a direct mail piece for 2 seconds before they throw it in the trash. So make those 2 seconds count, and don't bore your audience with mundane images and too much information.

If a Columbus advertising company can't keep your attention for 5 seconds with their work, it's a safe bet they won't be able to do that for you.

MidWest Fresh was at a loss for what to send their customers and prospects to get noticed. They had been sending out letters and that wasn’t doing any good. (No surprise, there!)

So we gathered information about what it was they did that was beneficial to their customers, and depict it via fruit and vegetables. Granted, this wasn’t an original idea: there was an awesome series of books called Playing with Food that inspired the approach. But we did create the personalities to the food, and did original photography for the promotion of six postcards.

And it did get a great reaction from the restaurants, country clubs and catering services that received them. Once they received the second postcard, they knew it was a series, and in some cases, started taping them to their office walls to show off the entire set. (They’re “collectibles”!)