PLF's PBR10K event isn't about running, but raising money for kids through PBRs

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The Parker Lee Foundation is definitely putting the "fun" in fundraising!

Category: Web Design

Industry: Non-Profits

Client: The Parker Lee Foundation
Project Description

We've designed and built a website for The Parker Lee Foundation, and worked with Kim Niswander, founding father of the prgaization.  Parker Lee is a fundraising organization that creates fun events that raises both awareness, and money, for other non-profit organizations in Columbus.

Their signature event, which we finally had a chance to attend, is called the PBR10K. This event isn't  a race, per se, unless you consider it a "race" to have a thoudands happy people, drink 10 thousand PBR beers, in a span of 6 hours in one afternoon.The funds they raise fom that event benefits Parker Lee's friends at Directions for Youth and Families.

When an organization describes their signature event saying "mayhem ensued," and "total shenanigans," and "chaos," you just know it has to be something special. However, when the words "Train Wreck Endings" was used in one of their testimonials, we'd thought they'd gone too far. Until we read further, and realized the "Train Wreck Endings" was the name of a band that played at one of the fundraising events.

Check out Parker Lee's website here.