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OACFA is Improving the quality of service of Ohio's Adult Care Facilities.

Category: Web Design

Industry: Non-Profits

Client: Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association
Project Description

When Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association (OACFA) found us – thanks to our ongoing SEO efforts – we were selected due to our experience with both for profit, and non-profit, organizations.

And even though it turned out we were more expensive than other web design firms they interviewed, we were fortunate enough to be chosen due to our expertise. That's because, as with everything is life, OACFA knew you always get what you pay for.

What the Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association is all about

The OACFA website is a centralized database of Ohio's adult care facilities. Their mission is to:

  • Advocate for the hundreds of adult care facilities in the state of Ohio. OACFA educates state legislators to better understand the individuals and families the facilities serve,
  • Organize a statewide conference so care facility managers can learn from industry experts on topics related to residential facilities and residents,
  • Help families find the right care facility for family members in need, and
  • Help new operators through the process of becoming an operator of a Residential Class 2 or 3 Facility. OACFA helps the facilities address issues they'll need to address, and regulations they'll need to adhere to.

What we did for OACFA

We not only designed a beautiful website (in our humble opinion), but we also helped them with two other significant parts of the website:

  • An interactive housing locator. This database-driven map allows visitors to filter the map using a either search field, or 12 different filterable dropdown fields, based on the criteria they're looking for.
  • The Member section (see screenshot further down), where new members can join and pay their membership fees, and where existing members can login and update their listings.

OACFA Map showing 12 different filters

The more difficult section of the OACFA website was building the Member section. The functions required were unique, and needed to be completely custom-built.

What's in the customized workflow

What we created for the new members and current members:

  • New members must fill out a survey before signing up.
  • New members can pay with Credit Card, paper check or ACH Withdrawal.
  • OACFA didn't want new members to sign-up automatically, have access, and show up on their website. They needed to review and approve each facility before it showed up on the site.
  • We created a series of online video tutorials showing OACFA staff how to start facility accounts for new members and approve their initial membership process.
  • Once approved, new members receive an email with instructions on how to login, while also walking them through the next steps.
  • In addition to the ability to update the details to their facilities, members also have the ability communicate with each other via the backend of the website.
  • We also created a Membership Dashboard to help keep everything organized and all in one place for their members.
  • Lastly, we created a custom function that emails members when their renewal is coming up. However, OACFA didn't want them to simply just pay, and renew their membership. Each facility needs to go through the survey process again. That way, OACFA gets the most up-to-date data on their members before allowing them to renew their membership, and continue to be listed on the website.

OACFA's Membership Dashboard

We also created online video tutorials

Making sure our clients can keep their website updated is important to them, and to us. To make that happen, we created a series of video tutorials that show OACFA how to work with all aspects of their website.

This is especially helpful if they don't login to their website often. And if they haven't been in the backend of the website for a while, it's easy to forget how to oversee the approval process. In addition, video tutorials help others who might not have been in on the original training session. It's our goal to make managing websites as easy as possible for everyone involved.

If you're looking for a Columbus website design company that makes your website beautiful, functional and easy to update, let's talk.