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  • Advantage Media's homepage, designed by Columbus Oh website design firm Sevell
Not all Media and Digital Marketing firms build websites.

Category: Web Design

Industry: Other

Client: Advantage Media and Digitial Marketing
Project Description

Advantage Media and Digital Marketing is a well-established, well-regarded Media Strategy firm in Columbus, Ohio. They are not, however, a web design firm.

Because they'd seen our web design work through our e-newsletters, they asked if we would design their website. They needed a site that would reflect their considerable expertise, and a DIY website (like Wix or SquareSpace) wasn't going to work for them.  So we worked closely with them to design and build a website that reflects their areas of expertise.

And having a Columbus website design firm on their team also opened the door for them to take on new website projects.

Now they have a Columbus web design firm as a partner.

Since Advantage Media's website would open the door to their prospects and clients who needed websites, we made sure the design of their website was special. We spent more time than usual on their site, because it had to be a showpiece for both them, and us.

If they were going to sell web design services, they had to have a kick ass website.

A website with a Periodic Table of Elements theme.

In addition to the main images that showcase their theory of marketing, we had to design a way to show all the other specialties they offer right on the homepage. So we riffed off the well-known Periodic Table of Elements. Each box interpreted a service they offered as a single, or 2-letter, "code" for that service.

And to make it more interesting, each box in the grid has a rollover effect to highlight each code as you roll your cursor over it.

We had to build in SEO, as well.

As a Columbus SEO Agency, we we also tasked with keeping their Google ranking up when the new website launched. Their previous website was up for over 15 years, and that type of longevity is beneficial for SEO. Advantage Media's longevity was working well for them, both with word-of-mouth and with search engines.