Website for Dr. Ethan Kellum, distinguished othopedic surgeon offering orthopedic surgery options.

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Medical website for Orthopedic Surgeon, and Holistic Anti-Aging Options

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Nashville Regenertive
Project Description

We've recently completed a medical website for Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ethan Kellum. As an orthopedic surgeon in Nashville Tennessee, he offers holistic orthopedic options, specializing in Stem Cell and Platelet Rich therapies. You can see the Nashville Regenerative website here.

Motion is getting more important.

We've been incorporating more motion in our websites, including images that change when a cursor is rolled over them. For example, in the two images below, the one on the left shows an image link in what's called the "inactive state" (before a cursor is rolled over it). The image on the right shows what the "active state" looks like, when a cursor is rolled over it.

Rollovers on a medical website

There's other movement we've incorporated into this medical website as well, which you can see by visiting the Nashville Regenerative website here.

Meaningful medical website expertise.

Just like doctors have specialties, so do Columbus web design companies. If you're looking for a plastic surgery or medical website, consider working with a web design company with experience in your industry. See our websites for plastic surgeons and other medical specialties here.