New website for a luxury home builder

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Luxury Home Builder in New Albany

Category: Web Design

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Guzzo and Garner
Project Description

One of our specialties is building luxury home builder websites. Guzzo and Garner is a family-owned luxury home builder who contacted us to design their  website after seeing some other  home builder websites we've done.

From a simple SquareSpace site they've had for 10 years, they were ready to upgrade. When we compared their old SquareSpace site to a production home, and a custom WordPress website to a custom home, they truly understood the need to "move on up!" Being  a custom home builder, going with the custom site was an easy decision for them. (Hopefully, as easy as the decision to work with us to get their website where they wanted it to be.)

How luxury home builder websites reflect a builder's homes

The type of design elements that go into a luxury home builder site need to reflect the quality of their work. It also has to incorporate their main keywords in the homepage, which is why we have the phrase "custom home builder" as the main headline on their homepage. It's an all-important H1 tag, which needs to be prominent on the homepage.

Something to ask the web design company that builds your website  are:

  • If they have H1 header tags on every page of your site, AND
  • If those H1 tags are the actual keywords that are critical for your industry.

screenshot from luxury home builder homepage

If you're looking for a new, SEO-friendly luxury home builder website, give us a call and see if we can help.