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Home builder website: American Heritage Homes

Category: Web Design

Industry: Home Builders

Client: American Heritage Homes
Project Description

Having completed a home builder website for American Heritage Homes we've built it for optimal user experience and download speed.

Building for the user experience is determining which are the most popular pages on the previous website. We do that using American Heritage Home's Google Analytics. Once we know the most popular pages, we make them easily clickable from the homepage. 

When it comes to download speed, we optimize the images so they're WebP images. Those are the more recent format for web images that allows for quick download speed. Using Google PageSpeed Insights, you can put in your company's domain name and see the rating Google gives it. If your website has a failing grade, you really should address those issues.

And if it is getting a failing grade, the web design company that designed and built your site shouldn't be the one to fix it.  Because if they knew what to do, they would have done it in the first place.

google pagespeed score for home builder website

If you need a home builder website ...

.. look to a web design company that has done other home builder websites. See other websites we've done within the home building industry here. Other websites we've done for companies within the home building industries include Mary Shipley Interiors, GreenScapes Landscaping, TEEM Wholesale and National Door & Trim.

So if you're looking for a Columbus web design company that has experience with websites for home builders, contact us and let's see if we can help.