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State of Georgia adoption website

Category: Web Design

Industry: Non-Profits

Client: State of Georgia Departent of Family & Children Services
Project Description

This recent project, the Foster Georgia adoption website, is currently a work-in-progress, will be completed in the fall of 2022. We're just so proud of it, we wanted to show it off, even thought it is 99% finished.

We've been fortunate enough to be working with the State of Georgia's Department of Family & Children Services for many years.

We owe it all to the introduction by a person making the world a better place: the lovely Lisa Lumpe. And we've been working with another person dedicated to the betterment of children: the charming Ms. DaJari Patterson. Two people we're proud and honored to be working with.

Video brings a level of story telling

We've been using video in the websites we build because we feel it tells more of a story than just still images. And an important part of telling a story is telling one of diversity. One of the videos is of a same sex couple. We're so impressed the State of Georgia is more focused on finding loving families for adoptive children, than they are about finding only traditional families. That's because there's so many kids, not only in Georgia, who are in need of stable, supportive families.

foster georgia adoption website diverse family

Case managers can be found with an interactive map of the state

To allow people to search for case managers by county, or region, we created an interactive map for the adoption website to do that. This can be done either by clicking a color areas on the map, or by using the "Your Region" or "Your County" pull-down menu.
interactive map of counties for adoption websiteOnce a Region or County is selected either from the map graphic or the drop down menu, the visitor is taken to the case managers page for that specific County or Region. Then, each case manager's name, with a link to their email is presented.

case manager contact page

Animation on the homepage

In addition to the video on the homepage, we like to show animated text. One of the stats they wanted to show was how  many children have been placed with families each year. We've animated the numbers so they appear to be quickly counting up to the totals shown in the screenshot below.

screenshot of the adoption counter on the homepage

The mission of the Foster Georgia adoption website

The Division of Family and Children Services (what is "affectionately" called DFCS, or "DeeFax") is responsible for the program called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (what is "affectionately" called TANF), which disseminates food stamps and other social services which are intended to assist low-income families in need.

DFCS' stated mission is "Safe Children. Strengthened Families. Stronger Communities." They stress the importance for the safety of the children in Georgia and their plans of actions focus on that. They're helping families build independence which reflects in stronger communities. They firmly believe that caring is the basis for the effective and responsive services they offer.