Parallax, Responsive Web Design for Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Dana Goldberg

  • homepage for Dr. Dana's website by website design Columbus Ohio firm S+S
  • Website design Columbus Ohio firm's homepage for Dr. Dana Gioldberg
  • lifestyle imagery on Dr. Dana Goldberg's website by Website design Columbus Ohio firm, Sevell
Dr. Dana M.D. Plastic Surgeon

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Dr. Dana Goldberg, MD
Project Description

This work-in-progress website is our second website for Dr. Dana Goldberg. It's a parallax, responsive web design with the type of lifestyle images you never see on surgeon's sites. And because of that, we can create beautiful websites with large format images.

And lifestyle is important: we understand the folks who want to look and feel their best, and have the discretionary income to do it, value "experiences" over "things." They'd just as soon spend $200 for a concert ticket, than $20 for a CD, so showing their target audience reflected in the lifestyle images separates Dr. Dana Goldberg's plastic surgeon practice from so many others.

While Dr. Dana’s practice is in Florida, they selected us, as a Columbus web design firm, because we offered what other web design firms they talked to didn’t: a design style that they hadn’t seen anywhere else. That, in addition to our responsive web design and attention to detail made us the obvious choice for them.