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BESA Lighting North America

Category: Web Design

Industry: Other

Client: BESA Lighting
Project Description

BESA Lighting website is a responsive web design with a minor parallax element on the homepage. The complex portion of this website is a behind-the-scenes search function that sorts through tons of products to deliver customized search results.

BESA collaborates with American designers and European craftsman to merger traditional techniques like hand-blown glass, with cutting edge design for state-of-the-art architectural lighting products.

This website is also responsive, and to understand the importance of a responsive website, know that Google will actually demote your website if it isn't responsive in a search done on a mobile device. Why would they do that? Simple. Google wants their users to have the best searching experience possible based on the results Google delivers. And a non-responsive website, being viewed on a smart phone, is not a good user experience.

So whenever you’re talking to a Columbus web design firm, or any web designer, be sure they're keeping up on Google’s algorithms. Otherwise, it can hurt your website’s rankings, while your competitors’ might be doing the right things.