Advertising: Market to the Main Decision-Makers

  • woman holding paint chip over a man's eyes by Columbus Ohio marketing firm, S+S
Always Market to the Decision-Maker: Women

Category: Advertising

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Westport Homes
Project Description

It's a fact, women are the decision-makers in most relationships. They're more astute and think things through more than men. And more often, when it comes to buying a home, they're buying them without partners or husbands.

So as with any product or service, it's important to appeal to the one in charge.

You'll also notice we never show a home as the main image in any of the ads we do for home buidlers.

Why? Well, for one thing every other home builder does that, photos of homes do not provide an emotional benefit, and often, images of homes just start to blend into each other and just aren't as memorable as images of people. But not dumb stock photos of people. Some of those stock images should be banned from being used.

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