What your audience does ON your website matters.

If the web design firm you’re considering isn’t keeping up on Google’s algorithms, that should be a red flag. Because what you (or they) don’t know, can hurt you with your rankings. And while you’re not doing any SEO (or not doing it correctly), your competitors have the advantage.

To show you what Google looks for when they determine if your site is worthy of being ranked well, we’ve created this SEO infographic that touches on them, though this isn’t complete list. For Google to know if you have a good website, it’s based on your visitor’s experiences, making it harder (though not impossible) to cheat. But Google will tell you: cheaters never prosper... at least not in the long run.

The more educational, engaging, education and entertaining your website, the longer visitors will stay and look around looking at more pages. But as with every algorithm update, companies will try to cheat, and that’s why Google is constantly updating their algorithms: trying to slap down companies who attempt and cheat Google.