If not, how would your prospects know what you do is better, or different, than someone else?

The goal of a good website is to:

  • make your site more memorable than your competitor’s websites,
  • engage folks so they want to explore, come back and learn more,
  • help them find you, instead of you finding them, because when these things happen, it makes your sales efforts, just a bit more effortless.

It is our goal to make your website show that your company is more evolved than your competitors. And if you don't send that message loud and clear through your website, you might not entice that new prospect to send that email, or make that initial call, to you.

When we're all memebrs of The Short Attention Span Society, the expression "You only get one chance to make a good first impression." is still true today.

We're all being judged

We know we're being judged right now by you... which is why we're wearing clean underwear!

All companies and organizations are judged by their marketing, and we know you often only have seconds to get your audience's attention.

And we're being judged by what our website says about us. Thisi s where Content Marketing and SEO comes in: your website and social media is the knowledge base of your company.

We’ve been stressing the importance of regular blogging for years, but to actually see some documentation on why it’s so important, check out this so-called “Definitive Guide to Blogging” here.

But there’s a right way, and wrong way to write for your website. The more you update your site, the more it helps with search engine optimization, because when you update your site, Google re-indexes it, which helps keep your site relevant.

And your posts don’t have to be about new things in your business – they can be about new things in your industry to show you’re keeping up on things relevant to your audiences’ interests and their lifestyles. Our “What’s New” section (called “Extra credit reading”) is how we continue to rank well on a Google search for the phrase “Columbus web design.”

Whic means, your posts must have the keywords that work for your business, based on our research of Google’s Keyword Tool. Looking at any of our blogs, you’ll see we incorporate the phrase Columbus web design, since that’s a phrase we know gets searched for over 100 times a month.

Let us help you take your marketing to the next level.