bev and sevell owners of columbus web design companyHelping you show you’re more evolved than your competitors.

We have the expertise to create, write, design and implement your website and marketing materials so they reflect the client-focused nature of your organization and, more importantly, are better than your competitors' marketing materials!

And we find it's a talent that's continually in demand.

Our philosophy is: if you’re better than your competitors, then your website should be better than theirs.

Otherwise, how will prospects understand why you’re better than anyone else?

That's why we specialize in websites for companies that get their prospects’ attention in 3 seconds or less. And when your audience sees a website that’s more memorable than your competitors’ sites, it will stand out in their minds, because being memorable means being different. The websites we design are engaging, educational, if when appropriate, entertaining, helping to appeal to your clients’ sense of confidence and trust in you.

From our perspective, a high-impact, visual, client-focused website is also critical to hitting all the hot buttons Google’s algorithms use to rank your site. With an understanding of how Google works, we help you establish a site that attracts, and keeps, visitors so they can learn about your expertise and what makes you different. Google’s algorithms are a complex, ever-changing thing, so it is important they keep up on it, otherwise, it can hurt your website, and subsequently, your business. We regularly blog about Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing to share our knowledge of how your site can work harder for you.